Lifting the lid on eye treatments

If you are troubled by excess skin on the eyelids and are afraid to go under the knife – Dr Miguel Montero of Discover Laser has non-surgical option that promises equally good results.

If you are affected by excess skin on the eyelids, giving you tired and “aged” look, you may wish to avoid traditional blepharoplasty surgery (baggy eyelid removal), for fear of being put under anaesthetic or the possible complications associated with an invasive procedure.

“Many female patients who consult with me to improve the eye area, complain that their upper eye lids are heavy and they can no longer can apply eye makeup like they used to”, says Dr Montero.

“Male patients refer to feeling tired at the end of the day due to the weight of excess skin resting on the lash line. Family and friends comment on their ‘tired’ appearance and they are therefore looking for a solution“, he adds.

Non-surgical blepharoplasty, as the name suggests, does not use the scalpel or laser to remove the excess skin. It is performed without incision, without removing excess skin or fat and without altering muscles in the eyelids. It is therefore very low risk, has minimal side effects and far less downtime.

Plexr(R) treatment uses plasma enery to vaporise pin-prick size areas of excess skin causing it to shrink. By reducing an amount of excess skin at each session and treating skin inn the superficial layers where scar tissue doesn’t form. Dr Montero can finesse the results, creating lift and maximising the effect over a course of 2-3 treatments.

The result is immediate reduction of the excess skin on the upper or lower eyelid, as well as the shrinking of the excess skin in the external region around the eye.

During your Plexr(R) treatment you will only have a topical anaesthetic applied to the skin, and are able to open and close your eyes. Dr Montero will be able to clearly see which folds of skin are still to be treated – this maximises the effectiveness of treatment.

A typical session will last no more than 30 minutes. You will feel a warm-hot sensation fromm each energy pulse. The topical anaesthetic applied reduces any sensation and makes the treatment quite tolerable.


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